Dedicated Server

Having your own Dedicated Server is the ultimate business decision. Securing your data and protecting your visitors at the same time is what Dedicated Server hosting is all about. In addition, you have flexibility and control over your Dedicated Server. If you desire custom servers or customization to your server, our team can take care of your needs. If you need Server Management, our team has put together packages for you. Take a look at our Server Management packages. Each of our Dedicated Server solutions can be Managed by our Server Management team, or they can be Unmanaged if you are experienced. Regardless, our Dedicated Server and Management solutions empower you to have a successful online presence with outstanding support and maximum uptime guarantee.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Servers are an outstanding advance in software technology that allow you to share a physical server with other users, while at the same time allowing you to have your own secure environment. VPS hosting plans are designed for you to get the same features as a dedicated server, with less specifications and less cost involved. If you are ready to graduate from Shared Hosting or Virtual Hosting and ready to move up to your own secured environment, a VPS is the way to go for those budget constrained projects.


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